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Fremer Moulding began in 1992 in Brockway, Pennsylvania along Route 28, however the roots of the business can be traced back much further. In 1962, Paul Fremer and his retired father Mike began logging and cutting pulpwood in Jefferson County. Then, in 1975, Paul Fremer and his wife Kathy journeyed into the sawmill business and eventually were producing 4-5 million feet of hardwoods each year. In 2005, the Fremer family decided to leave the sawmill behind and to focus on Fremer Moulding. Today, Fremer Moudling continues to thrive in a family-like atmosphere with: Kathy Fremer (mother), Andy Fremer (son), & Ron Fremer (cousin) all overseeing the moulding portion of the business and Paul Fremer (father) and Michael Fremer (son) developing the forestry spectrum of the business.

This family oriented business continues to maintain the highest standards of honest hard work and strives to keep you, the customer, happy by offering quality products at affordable prices. Fremer Moulding now has a huge 15,000 sq ft. warehouse as well as a design & production building. Customers are welcome to view our beautiful showroom and shop directly at our factory during store hours. Our knowledgeable staff is more than happy to assist you in any way that they can.

Fremer Moulding's primary goal for over 50 years has been to grow with the customers needs by providing top quality wood products and offering the latest styles.

Fremer Moulding Inc. offeres quality mouldings at factory direct prices including:

  • baseboard
  • casing
  • S4S lumber (flat stock)
  • crown
  • paneling
  • hardwood flooring
  • laminated flooring
  • wood doors
  • wainscotting
  • kitchen cabinetry
  • plywood
  • OSB
  • and much more!

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